2018 -2019
July 8, 2018 Voix seraphique, Laurel Hill Mansion, Philadelphia
July 8-13 Pipe Organ Encounter, Girard College, Philadelphia
Aug 23 New Jersey Capital Philharmonic, harpsichord concerto
Sept 9 Southampton CMS, harpsichord concerto
Oct 5 Philadelphia AGO Sowerby Celebration, Christ Church, organ
Oct 27 Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony benefit, harpsichord
Nov 2 Eben Labyrinth with Timothy Urban, Christ Church, Philadelphia
Nov 27 solo organ, AGO Phila at St. Paul's Lutheran, Ardmore
Jan 27, 2019 Chamber Music at Bournelyf, organ concerti
February 9 New Jersey Capital Philharmonic Gala
March 3 Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra
March 9 New Jersey Capital Philharmonic, harpsichord
May 5 New Jersey Capital Philharmonic, organ
May 18 West Chester Organ Competition, judge
 June 15 Kimmel Center Organ Day with Barbara Prugh, trumpet and Michael Diorio, organ


 Aug 31, 2017 New Jersey Capital Philharmonic, Trenton
Sept 10 Southampton Chamber Music Society
Oct 21 New Jersey Capital Philharmonic, Trenton War Memorial
Nov 12 Moravian Music at Bournelyf with Jeffrey Gemmell and choirs
Dec 8 Christmas Dessert Concert, Bournelyf
Dec 16 Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra
Dec  17 Meslange, 1867 Sanctuary, Ewing, NJ
Jan 13, 2018 January Jumpstart workshop at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian, Philadelphia AGO
 Jan 20 organ and trumpet with Barbara Prugh, Trinity Episcopal, Wilmington, DE
March 5 organ and trumpet with Barbara Prugh, First Presbyterian, West Chester
March 18 harpsichord with Mostly Motets and Princeton Pro Musica, Gounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ
March 23 faculty recital, Rowan College at Burlington
March 24 Meslange Bach Festival at Cathedral Village, Philadelphia
April 6 Voix seraphique at Bournelyf
April 20 Meslange, 1867 Sanctuary, Ewing, NJ
June 23 Kimmel Center Organ Day

Sept 3 harpsichord concerto, Capital Philharmonic, Trenton, NJ
Sept 11 MeslangeSouthampton Chamber Music Society,  PA
Oct 5 Meslange, Sacred Heart Basilica, Newark, NJ
Jan 14, 2017 workshop, AGO January Jumpstart, Bryn Mawr
Jan 30 EbeLabyrinth, Stetson University, DeLand, FL
February 26, Seraphique, St. John's Church, Lansdale, PA
April 11 organ, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian
May 23 Phila AGO at Bournelyf
June 10 Kimmel Center organ Day

September 5, 2015 NJ Capital Philharmonic (harpsichord), Trenton
September 20 Meslange SCMS
, Southampton, PA
November 22 Cairn University (harpsichord), Philadelphia
December 6 Scheide cantata Welcum, 1st Presbyterian, Philadelphia
December 6 organ, 2nd Presbyterian, Elizabeth, NJ
January 10, 2016 Eben Labyrinth with Timothy Urban at 
Community Church, Mountain Lakes , NJ
February 24 Meslange Mallery Series, Rutgers U
March 2 Meslange, St. Mary's, Philadelphia
March 22 Fantasia for viola and organ premiere, Bryn Mawr Pres
March 29 Phila AGO (organ) at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
May 1 harmonium with WCC at West Hill Mansion, Burlington, NJ
May 15 Mark Bailey Memorial Concert, Bournelyf
June 11 Kimmel Center Organ Day

Nov 29 Meslange at Glen Foerd, Philadelphia
December 12 CLS Christmas Dessert Concert
February 8, 2015 Meslange, Community Church, Mountain Lakes, NJ
March 4 solo organ at St. Mary's, Philadelphia
March 8 organ & trumpet with Barbara Prugh at Bournelyf
March 11 Meslange at First Reformed Church, New Brunswick, NJ
March 25 Seraphique at Rutgers U, Camden, NJ
March 29 Meslange at WCC
April 19 Landin premieres "E" St. Paul's Episcopal, Chestnut Hill, PA
May 16 judge, West Chester Organ Competition
May 19 organ at Bournelyf, Phila. AGO
June 13 Kimmel Center Organ Day


Sept 8, 2013 Meslange at Southampton CMS
September 22 Sarajevo at Westminster, Princeton
Oct 20 Meslange at Westminster
March 23, 2014 Meslange, Community Church, Mountain Lakes, NJ
May 11 Meslange at Bournelyf
May 18 Meslange at Community Church, Mountain Lakes, NJ

May 28 organ at Bournelyf, Phila. AGO
June 1 Meslange at Southampton CMS
June 22-25, 2014 Seraphique, American Harp Society, NOLA


September 9, 2012 Meslange Trio, Southampton CMS
Sept 15 Overbrook Presbyterian, Phila AGO choral workshop
October 13 AGO organ masterclass, St. Paul's, Glenside, PA
October 21
Meslange Trio at Locktown Stone Church, NJ
October 30 
Due Solisti, Zlutice, CZ
October 31 Due Solisti, Prague Castle
November 1 Due Solisti, US Embassy, Prague
Nov 3 Due Solisti, Podebrady, CZ
Nov 5-6 Olomouc, CZ
Nov 11 Meslange Trio at Bournelyf
March 3, 2013 
with Barbara Prugh, trumpet, at Bournelyf
April 7 Sounds of Sarajevo at Bournelyf
April 9 Meslange, St. Peter's Citicorp, NYC

April 14 Meslange, Milltown UMC, NJ 
May 5 with Ed Schultz, flute, 
World Organ Day, CLS Memorial
May 21 organ at 1st Presbyterian, West Chester, Phila AGO
June 8 
Kimmel Center Organ Day
June 13 Due Solisti
Capella Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia


July 24 Meslange des Plaisirs/Seraphique, All Hallows Wyncote
July 31 Meslange/Seraphique, Southampton Chamber Music, PA
September 18 Meslange with Timothy Urban, Westminster
October 25 organ, Carmel Presbyterian, Philadelphia AGO
October 30 Meslange, Rider University
November 6 Mark Bailey Memorial Concert, CLS
December 9 CLS Holiday Concert
March 18, 2012 organ & Festive Brass, Bournelyf Chamber Music
April 11 Due Solisti, FUMC, Santa Monica, CA
April 12 organ class, UCLA
April 15 Due Solisti, Coastal Flutes, CA
April 17 Due Solisti, FUMC, Phoenixville, PA
April 20 Due Solisti, Bournelyf Chamber Music
April 22 Due Solisti with Timothy Urban, Milltown UMC, NJ
April 27 Due Solisti, U Methodist Church, Saratoga Springs, NY
April 29 Due Solisti, Grace Epiphany Episcopal, Philadelphia
May 3 conductor, Burlington Co College Chorus, NJ
May 6 Mark Bailey Memorial Concert, CLS
May 16 judge, West Chester Organ Competition
June 9 Kimmel Center Organ Day
June 10 Voix seraphique, Laurel Hill Mansion, Philadelphia


 Sept 12, 2010 Southampton Chamber Music (Voix serpahique)
Oct 30 Due Solisti, Settlement Music School, Philadelphia
Nov 1 Due Solisti & Martina Kociánová
Bohemian Hall, NYC
Nov 7 Due Solisti (fl/hpschd), Locktown Stone Church, NJ
Nov 11 Due Solisti (fl/org), Princeton University Chapel
Nov 13 Due Solisti (fl/org), Church of the Brethren, Lancaster, PA
Dec 3 Due Solisti (fl/org),
Kostel Povýšení sv. Kříže, Chyše

Dec 5 Due Solisti (fl/org), St. George Basilika, Prague, for CZ TV
Dec 6 Due Solisti (fl/org), Poděbrady, CZ
Feb 16, 2011 harpsichord, Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia
Feb 27 Le Meslange des Plaisirs, All Hallows
April 6 harpsichord, Westminster (assisted Le Meslange)
May 13, 14 Voix serpahique, SEHKS, Macon, GA
May 22 Voix serpahique, Southampton Chamber Music
June 10 Le Meslange des Plaisirs, Trinity Church, Princeton
June 12 Le Meslange des Plaisirs, All Hallows

Some Past Performances

American Guild of Organists Region IX Conventions

American Musical Instrument Society Conference, Claremont Colleges

Anahuac College, Guadalajara, Mexico
Atlanta Pro-Mozart Society 

Calgary Organ Society

Cathedral Church of St. Mark, Salt Lake City, UT
Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Nassau, Bahamas
Chamber Philharmonic Pardubice
College Music Society meetings,  Vienna, Austria  and Arkansas, USA
Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA 

First Congregational Church, Los Angeles
Harding University, Searcy, AR
Harvard University, Busch and Fogg Museums

Holy Rosary Cathedral, Regina, Canada

Hong Kong Cultural Center 

Hot Springs Music Festival, Hot Springs, AR 

Klementinum (Hall of Mirrors), Prague, CZ

Lobkowitz Palace, Prague, CZ
Lyon College, Batesville, AR

Martkirche, Wiesbaden, Germany

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Midwestern Early Keyboard Society Meetings at Moravian U, Notre Dame,U
Music Appreciation Society Guadalajara, Mexico

National Association of Pastoral Musicians Conferences, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh

National Christian Church, Washington D. C.

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA

Occidental College

Olomouc Chamber Music Festival

Organ Historical Society Conventions, Detroit, Philadelphia, North Carolina

Palomar Mountain Early Music Workshop, CA

Philadelphia Cathedral

Round Lake Auditorium, Round Lake, New York

San Anselmo Organ Festival

San Diego Early Music Society

San Diego Harpsichord Society

St. Louis Bach Society

Saskatoon Chapter, RCCO at St. John's Cathedral

University of Redlands Organ Festival
Vienna Conservatory and Kunsthistorischen Museums