Ensembles      Kathleen Scheide

Le Meslange des Plaisirs is a consortium of musicians specializing in late 18th c. chamber music and salon music 1750-1810, with diversions into earlier music and new music for historic instruments. The ensemble name translates as "A Compendium of Delights," and was used by 18th-century theorists to describe a blending of national styles.  Our meslange often includes the mixing of antique, reproduction and modern instruments, accompanied by keyboards as diverse as fortepiano, harpsichord, Lautenwerk or harmonium. 

Voix seraphique, a duo comprised of harpist Cheryl Dungan Cunningham and fortepianist Kathleen Scheide, recreates the closely blended sounds of the harp and fortepiano popular in the intimate setting of salon music, ca. 1750-1810. This pair frequently collaborates with additional instrumentalists and singers as Le Meslange des Plaisirs.  Duo Voix seraphique has performed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, for the Southeastern and Midwestern Historical Keyboard Societies and the American Harp Society, and on various antique and museum instruments (as well as on their own reproduction instruments).