Reviews      Kathleen Scheide

"The performances by Czech flutist Zofie Vokalkova and American organist Kathleen Scheide are impeccable, and the sound is luscious."
-- The American Record Guide

"Kathleen Scheide performs with clarity, precision and sensitivity."
-- The American Organist

"Then Kathleen Scheide gave us something to remember forever... She looks like Alice in Wonderland, but she plays like the prophet Cassandra."

-- San Diego Reader

"It is a recording to lift the spirits, and nobody could possibly feel sad while listening to it.  I thoroughly recommend it."
-- The Diapason

"...expressiveness, lilt, and good taste -- stupendously exciting... There were no mysteries about Kathleen Scheide's talents, and none about the superlative quality of this concert." 

-- San Diego Reader

"...exciting, musical, precise and technically skillful - a fine combination of artist, instrument and composer."
-- Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music

"... 100% pleasing - rhythmic, original, colorful in registration, and at times exciting and quite emotional..." 

--American Record Guide

"Kathleen Scheide is an important artist." 
--Hudson Star-Observer